Mediterraneanista Explains Herself

I live in New York City and eat (mostly) a Mediterranean diet. I’m an amateur, as in “lover of,” the Mediterranean way, not a foodie or a chef. (I wish!) A Mediterraneanista sharing, via this blog, my explorations and discoveries as I shop, cook, learn about and eat Mediterranean in the five boroughs.
I wish I could tell you that the inspiration for this way of eating came from deep family roots and traditions or from a childhood spent moving from diplomatic post to diplomatic post around the Mediterranean. But no, it had more plain beginnings in my work as an editor. About a year ago, a study on the effect of the Mediterranean diet on cognitive health caught my attention for the brain health column I edited. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I’d launched a 13-article series on the Mediterranean diet, complete with food pyramid charts and recipe contributions from famous chefs and cookbook authors. And I was hooked on this new (for me) way of eating. Long after the articles had moved to the archives, I was still cooking and eating this food with family and friends—and exploring my city to find the right ingredients. So I thought I’d share what I discover—when there’s time left over for blogging after exploring, cooking and eating, that is.